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Welcome to Belle

Mariee’s Professional

Wedding Design! 


A glimpse behind the flowers

Professional wedding design
& bouquet preservation


Welcome to Belle Mariée Professional Wedding Design!

Hi! I’m Alissa Van Zweden and I have been playing with, growing, and designing flowers since my childhood. My husband, Mother, and I grow hundreds of thousands of flowers and we create more than a thousand bouquets every summer.


Yet for me, wedding design is the crème de la crème.
Designing bridal bouquets and wedding décor gives me great joy, fulfilling my need for artistic freedom and creativity. I totally enjoy meeting each new bride, sitting down together, listening to what she envisions for her wedding, and then capturing that vision with the freshest flowers in my studio.


Living in the Midwest condenses our palette of locally grown flowers to May through October; while flowers grown around the world are available throughout the year. I will incorporate Alissa’s flowers whenever possible for added interest, shades of color, and a variety of textures.

Let’s meet. I would love to hear about your wedding flower vision. We can create a beautiful wedding together!

Alissa @ Belle Mariee’s Professional Wedding Design  

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