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Marble Surface


To have and to hold, from this day forward

Your big day has come! All your planning has paid off.  Your wedding was beautiful, the bride gorgeous, and your flower breathtaking! 


You have you photos, your memories, and now you can have your flowers too! 

At Belle Mariee we carefully preserve each and every flower so you can enjoy your bouquet for many, many years.

Reserve you Date

Reserve your floral arrival date

plan ahead

Our studio has a limited capacity for resin work. Choose and book the date that your flowers will arrive in our studio. We will immediately unpack and start the preserving process while your flowers are still fresh. 

Keepin your flowers alive

Keeping your flowers alive

Keep your flowers in 
a vase of water

Bridal Toss

After the party


We have Flower Girls and Ring Bears. How about a Bouquet Gaudian? Ask someone who is very responsible, Mother, Father, Grandmother, or your best friend, to guard and keep your bouquet from danger and to keep it alive. You want to enjoy every minute of your wedding, surrounded by your family and friends and the Love of your life. While you enjoy your special day, someone must remember to tuck your bouquet into water, take it home after the festivities, pack it carefully and send it to us. Choose someone who loves you and will take good care of your flowers. Then you can enjoy your day and fly off on your honeymoon.

Flowers should always be in water. Avoid the refrigerator and absolutely do not put them in the freezer. Water, cool and dark are key.

Planning to toss your bouquet to your bridesmaids? Plan ahead and have your florist design a bouquet just for throwing. Rough handling will bruise your flowers and the resin can highlight that bruising. Avoid!

Flowers should always be in water. Avoid the refrigerator and absolutely do not put them in the freezer. Water, cool and dark are key.

Wrap several layers of very wet paper towel around the stems. Rubber band into place. Tuck the saturated paper towel and stem ends into a plastic bag. Rubber band again. Carefully place your bouquet into a box. Lightly crumple tissue paper all around the bouquet to keep it stationary in the box. Rough handling of the package can bruise your flowers. Tape the box securely.



Ship your box to us using overnight services. It may seem expensive but overnight is the only way for us to receive your flowers in a timely manner. Your flowers are alive and must be placed back into water as soon as possible.

What we do

What we do

Dried Bouquets &

We will carefully unpack and give your bouquet a nice long drink. We choose the most perfect flowers and foliage and carefully dribble silica sand over and around them. The silica gently and slowly removes all moisture, leaving the flower itself in a perfect, but very delicate state. After several weeks of dehydration, your flowers are artfully arranged in silicone molds; layer after layer of clear resin poured over, surrounding each flower, preserving them forever. After several weeks of pouring, hardening, curing, the resin block is removed from the mold. After a few more weeks of curing, the edges and corners are finished. Finally, we can ship your resin memorial to you!

Can we rescue already dried bouquets? If the flowers are in good condition, we can possibly salvage enough blooms to make a treasured piece. We cannot work with mold or rotting flowers. We are not responsible for any dust or hairs that escaped our notice. Succulents do not dry but shrivel and wrinkle. Think of plump grapes turning into wrinkly raisins. Succulents do the same. We do not accept succulents.


Care of your 
Resin Heirloom

We source the highest-grade resin to maintain a clear block. The resin may still take on a slight amber glow through the years. Avoid direct sunlight and any source of heat when displaying your heirloom.

Refunds Warranties


Cancellations must be made 2 months before your flower arrival date. Your money will be refunded except for a retainer fee of $200.


All Belle Mariée resin products are made without any warranty, expressed or implied. Resin items are sold on an as-is basis and cannot be returned or refunded. Belle Mariée is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged bouquets, during the event or during transit. We do not refund lost, stolen, or damaged bouquets. If your flowers have excessive browning, molding, mildew, and/or rotting, we cannot dry or preserve them up to our standards. We are not responsible and offer no refunds on inferior product due to receiving inferior flowers.


Book Preservation

Please fill out and submit to reserve your date on our resin studio calendar.  We will send a confirmation that this date is reserved just for you.

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